Kenyan Children’s Fund

The Kenyan Children’s Fund (KCF) responds to the emotional, social and spiritual needs of orphans in Masii, Kenya, with dignity and care, providing four necessities: food, clothing, shelter and health.

Working with Water Missions International, KCF and its donors dug a well that now provides safe drinking water to more than 7,000 Masii residents who no longer must walk miles each day to fetch often-contaminated water … if any water was available at all. The well marks a turning point in the health and wellbeing of the entire region.

In addition, KCF donors aid 45 poverty-stricken children. Every penny of each donation goes to the JKimuyu and Dr. John Self-Help Foundation, which directly assists the children and their guardians, and pays a very modest salary for a social worker who regularly checks on and reports about the condition and needs of each child.

Based on monthly ledgers, through which foundation officers in Kenya detail how each cent is spent, here’s a top-line review of how your money is used:

  • 50 percent to food – improving health and wellbeing in the most basic sense.
  • 30 percent to clothing, school supplies and medical care — children finally are receiving treatment for ringworm, which is a significant problem in the region.
  • 20 percent — to mattresses (no more sleeping on dirt floors), to goats (a source of milk and, because the goats’ offspring can be sold, of income) and to the social workers’ salary.

During 2021, a special KCF fund-raising project covered costs to construct a girls’ bathroom at the local primary school, where only a boys’ bathroom had existed before. It’s now possible for girls to remain in class for the entire school day.

The KCF currently sends $750 per month to help support the Kenyan children … but the fund periodically is short of cash.

That’s why the KCF steering committee is seeking additional sponsors for the children who can make special donations or ongoing monthly contributions to continue this important work. A donation of only 32.50 per month covers food supplements, medical care, clothing and most education supplies for a child.

What you can do:

  • Make checks payable to Immanuel Lutheran Church with “Kenyan children” in the memo line. Place donations in the Sunday offering or mail them to Immanuel Lutheran Church, 1700 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO 64108.
  • You also can contact your bank or use online banking options to arrange for monthly auto-donations from your bank account to Immanuel. Please ensure that auto-donations are designated for “Kenyan children.”

Whatever your decision, all who work and plan on behalf of the Kenyan Children’s Fund send you personal thanks.

For where your treasure is, there will your heart also be.
(Luke 12:34)

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