The KCF Steering Committee

The KCF Steering Committee in the United States includes:

Dr. John Helgesen (e-mail), co-founder and emeritus committee member who still works to expand leadership and ownership of the program. Contact John for general information or to arrange for a steering committee member to speak to your group about the KCF.

Peggy Dollard (e-mail), who assists with special-event planning.

Linda Fewell (e-mail), who assists with maintaining the donor mailing list and with donor communication.

Michael Hamlin (e-mail), who maintains the KCF website and provides graphic-art support.

Jimmi Kimuyu (e-mail), co-founder. After living in the United States for many years, Jimmi returned to his childhood home of Masii, Kenya, and now leads the JKimuyu and Dr. John Foundation, through which KCF operations continue. He also monitors and maintains the list of children served by the fund, and provides detailed operational and financial statements to the U.S. committee members.

Mary Jo Moore (e-mail) maintains sponsor records and ensures that financial support is regularly wired to the JKimuyu and Dr. John Foundation. She also leads donor communication efforts, including writing thank you notes, sending out appeals and sharing letters that sponsored children write to their sponsors.

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