The KCF Steering Committee

The KCF Steering Committee in the United States includes:

Dr. John Helgesen (e-mail), who works to expand leadership and ownership of the program, and leads the water project. Contact John for general information or arrange for a steering committee member to speak to your group about the KCF and/or Water for Life.

Peggy Dollard (e-mail), who assists with special-event planning.

Janie Fee (e-mail), who maintains inventory of and records pertaining to beautiful purses handcrafted by Masii artisans, which are available for a $65 recommended donation to Water for Life. Contact Janie for information about the purses.

Linda Fewell (e-mail), who maintains the donor mailing list and leads efforts to communicate with donors. Contact Linda to request a free copy of easy-to-implement instructions and materials for hosting a Water for Life Day to help raise awareness within a local congregation or organization.

Michael Hamlin (e-mail), who maintains the KCF website and provides graphic-art support.

Jimmi Kimuyu (e-mail) who monitors and maintains the list of children served by the KCF, including receiving detailed service and financial reports from the Masii foundation, and informing sponsors about the children’s progress.