The Year in Review – 2022

The worst drought in 40 years.

Famine caused by drought and worsened by reduced ability to import food due to the war in Ukraine. 

Inflation that caused prices for available food to skyrocket.

Those challenges have shaped 2022 in the Masii region of Kenya, but they have not deterred the Kenyan Children’s Fund (KCF) from its mission of caring for and encouraging 45 orphans, now ranging in age from 4 to 17 years old.

Thanks to your generous and ongoing support, the KCF largely focused its 2022 work on nutrition and health for the needy children and their guardians. Because of your donations, they received:

  • Monthly food packages of maize, beans, rice, maize flour and cooking oil. Those staples, which now are much more expensive than before, are crucial to sustaining basic health and wellbeing.
  • Necessary medical care, including vaccinations and even hospital stays, when necessary.
  • Sanitary feminine products for girls, a new initiative this year that also is directly linked to health and wellbeing, and allows girls to remain in school.

In addition, 2022 donations to the KCF funded:

  • School uniforms and books for the three neediest orphans. They were eager to continue schooling but required more financial assistance than grants from the Kenyan government could provide.
  • Simple gifts that each child will receive for Christmas. 
  • The modest but appropriate salary for a Kenyan social worker, who ensures that your contributions meet urgent needs and reports to the KCF committee in the United States.

During the coming year, we ask for your continued support as the KCF continues to provide food, medical care, social worker assistance. We also hope to provide additional children with school fees and uniforms, which are required for attendance.

We ask for your prayers for the children as the KCF faces current challenges by focusing funds where they are needed most. And we ask for your financial support. Your donation of $390 per year to the Kenyan Children’s Fund, in care of Immanuel Lutheran Church ELCA in Kansas City, will assist one child for the entire year. But a contribution of any amount is a blessing! 

The KCF committee that is based in Kenya best expresses the depth of our gratitude: “God has been good to us through your incredible generosity. Many orphans are blessed because of your faithful giving, and we cannot thank you enough. Our prayer is that God’s favor will be upon you and that He will bless you immensely in every area of your life. We love you.”

With thanks for sharing Christ’s love and your generosity around the globe,
The U.S. Kenyan Children’s Fund committee:
John Helgesen and Jimmi Kimuyu, founders
Peggy Dollard, Linda Fewell, Michael Hamlin, Mary Jo Moore


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