KCF committee members from U.S. visit Masii

KC People with Group

Three members of the Kenyan Children’s Fund steering committee visited Kenya’s Masii region to meet with the villagers who serve as guardians for orphans and other poverty-stricken children supported by the Kenyan Children’s Fund.

They discussed current and future needs, and met with children and families who are served by the fund.

“We were greeted with amazing hospitality and saw firsthand that our contributions are used efficiently among people who are desperately in need,” says Janie Fee.

“We also saw that the people of Masii have many challenges, including poverty, and lack of education, manpower, medical facilities and water,” adds John Helgesen. “These circumstances have made many people unable to take care of their families. The importance of our work in partnership with these people became crystal clear.”

Mr. Joshua Ngewa, who chairs the committee in Masii, extends his gratitude: “Thank you for the support you are extending to our children. We all together say GOD BLESS YOU.


David Walgren and child
John Helgesen, Janie Fee and child


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