Support will tap springs of hope and water for Kenyan children


Water for Life, a ministry of the Kenyan Children’s Fund (KCF) – the global mission through which faithful donors help feed, cloth and educate orphans in Kenya’s Masii region – is benefitting from energetic volunteers and donors.

To date, about $30,000 has been raised to pay for a community borehole and tap system that will bring clean water to more than 7,000 poor people in Masii.

That’s one-third of the way to the $90,000 project goal.

“Water literally is life and providing a sustainable source of potable water to the area is crucial,” says Dr. John Helgesen, Immanuel member, KCF co-founder and leader of the Water for Life project. “It would eradicate water-borne diseases in the area – diseases that sicken adults and kill one child every 20 seconds in the world today. Plus, it would allow the children to attend school rather than spend their days walking miles to fetch water that is tainted or sometimes, during period of prolonged drought, only to discover that there is no water at all.”

A hydrogeological survey conducted in partnership with Water Missions International confirmed that a suitable borehole exists in the Masii area that would yield 2,000-5,000 liters of quality water per hour.

Here’s an update about steps to reach the $90,000 goal:

  • KCF volunteers are personally visiting other congregations to share news about Water for the Life and the KCF. You can help by contacting John,, to suggest organizations or groups who might welcome a presentation about Water for Life, or who may offer grants or donations.
  • Beautiful purses handcrafted by Masii artisans are available for a requested donation of $65 to Water for Life. Contact Janie Fee,, to view samples or make purchases – they make beautiful gifts!
  • Worshippers at Immanuel Lutheran, the project’s host congregation, will hear a temple talk about the Kenyan Children’s Project and Water for Life during the Oct. 4 Global Missions Sunday. They will have the opportunity to donate, and to purchase purses or other handcrafted items. Sunday School children also will hear a special presentation about the projects that will help them understand the need and get involved.
  • Part of the proceeds from the Immanuel Lutheran Church Octoberfest celebration will benefit Water for Life.
  • John and other KCF volunteers – including Immanuel member Jimmi Kimuyu and former Immanuel Dave Wahlgren – hosted an information table during the Central States Synod Assembly to introduce representatives from other congregations to the project.
  • The Immanuel Lutheran congregational council approved continuing in-kind support for KCF and Water for Life as a sponsored global missions project of the congregation. In-kind support includes periodic use of Immanuel’s office space and equipment, and accounting assistance with donations.

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