Generosity continues to benefit Kenyan children


Children and families in the Masii region of Kenya who are striving to emerge from poverty lift up songs and prayers of blessing for the generosity that continues to change their lives for the better.

Through the Kenyan Children’s Fund, people like you are helping to provide 45 poverty-stricken children with food, clothing, shelter and health care. Donations go to the Kimuyu and Dr. John Foundation, which directly assists needy Kenyan children and pays the very modest $75 per-month salary for a social worker who regularly checks on each child, and provides the KCF committees in Kenya and the U.S with assessments and progress reports. Those reports allow the committees to re-direct existing funding, as needed, thus ensuring that each child’s most urgent needs are addressed.

The Kenyan Children’s Fund is a global mission project of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Kansas City, Missouri. Immanuel provides in-kind support, including accounting assistance, and periodic use of office space and equipment.

Thank you for sharing Christ’s love and your generosity around the globe.

Immanuel Students
Sunday School children at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Kansas City, Missouri, are sponsoring “Change for Children in Kenya” effort that encourages people to donate their spare change to the effort. To date, the pennies, nickels and dimes have added up to almost $2,000 of much-needed support.)

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