Drought ravages Kenya: People cry out for water now

water_2There now is no water in the riverbed, not even any putrid little pools. Crops have dried up, and opportunities for even paltry incomes are drying up with them.

This is the situation that Water for Life, a project of the Kenyan Children’s Fund, was created to avoid. And now that the African drought has deepened, the time to complete the tap system and bring water to the people of Masii is running out.

“Water Missions International has drilled the well, and we now need $20,000 to reach our original fund-raising goal so we can complete the tap system and educate people in Masii to maintain it so it will remain operational for future generations,” says Dr. John Helgesen, the Immanuel member who helped found the Kenyan Children’s Fund and chairs its steering committee. Other steering committee members are Jimmi Kimuyu, Peggy Dollard, Janie Fee, Michael Hamlin, Mary Jo Moore and Linda Fewell.

In response to dire conditions created by the worsening drought, Water Missions International also has installed one temporary tap. But that solution is not designed to last.

“Please make a donation today to help us push the Water for Life project to its permanent conclusion, which will provide clean water to people who need it so desperately,” says John.

“We are deeply grateful to all of the individuals, congregations and organizations who have donated so generously in the past and to those who will respond now,” says John. “The people of Masii lift up prayers of thanks for you every day.”


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