Reports reveal needs of KCF-sponsored children

Water_1KCF sponsors support the health and wellbeing of children whose lives would otherwise be destitute and, perhaps, quite short. Sponsor donations provide food, medical care and some education support. Previous donations also paid for goats, which provide milk and whose offspring can be sold for crucial income.

A pastor/social worker in Masii periodically visits the sponsored children and submits reports about their wellbeing. Per the KCF team’s request, each brief report emphasizes the child’s health, educational progress and living situation (homes listed as having “no improvement” would be considered uninhabitable in the U.S.). The reports also mention crops, which are now withering, and indicate whether the goats are well kept, which had been a challenge.

If you are a sponsor, click here ( and look for your name next to the report about your sponsored child. Six children still need sponsors. To sponsor a child for only $390/year or to get more information about sponsorship, contact John, or 913-381-2997.

Thank you for your generosity!


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