Kenyan Children’s Fund: Please help a needy child

Through the Kenyan Children’s Fund, a project founded by Immanuel members, members of our congregation and others provide food, medical care and some education support for more than 40 poverty-stricken children in the Mamiloki village of Kenya.

Several children who are in dire need currently have no support. To sponsor one or more of those children for only $390/year or to get more information about sponsorship, contact John Helgesen, or 913-381-2997.

If you already sponsor a child, go to to read reports that a Mamiloki village pastor/social worker submits about the children’s wellbeing.  Look for your name next to your sponsored child’s name.

Per the KCF team’s request, each brief report emphasizes the child’s health, educational progress and living situation (homes listed as having “no improvement” would be considered uninhabitable in the U.S.). The reports also indicate whether goats,  — paid for by additional sponsor donations — which provide milk and whose offspring be sold for additional income.

Finally, the reports mention crops that, thanks to the upcoming completing of KCF’s Water for Life project, now may receive enough water to keep them from withering. Thanks in large part to your generosity, KCF raised $92,000 to drill a clean-water well and Water Missions (WM) , a faith-based engineering and education team that is our project partner, now is installing the tap system. WM experts will stay in Mamiloki for a year or more to training native people to maintain and/or repair the system and to help them establish what we might call a rural water cooperative.

Thank you for your generosity to children in need.


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