Water for Life: Together, we did it!

There were times when raising $92,000 for a clean-water well and tap system to bring potable water to 7,000 parched people of Kenya’s Mamiloki village area seemed a nearly impossible dream.

But you saw the opportunity to save lives and protect children, and you said yes. Yes to reaching out to people you don’t know and likely never will meet. Yes to a project that will bring life-saving benefit to God’s children halfway around the globe. Yes to Christ’s call to “Love one another as I have loved you.”

Together, we did it!
Thanks to generous donations from congregations and individuals, we have reached the $92,000 Water for Life goal!

As the fund-raising portion of the Water for Life project ends, the Kenyan Children’s Fund/Water for Life team now is working with Water Missions (WM) — the organization that drilled the well, is installing the tap system and will train the Mamiloki village people to maintain and repair it — to tie up loose ends, and monitor WM’s year-long training program and its work to help the native people establish what we might refer to as a rural water cooperative. The Water for Life team also is reviewing needs for a repair reserve fund for the water system.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have donated so generously in the past. The people of Kenya’s Mamiloki village area lift up prayers of thanks for you every day.

The Kenyan Children’s Fund/Water for Life team

John Helgesen
Jimmi Kimuyu
Peggy Dollard
Janie Fee
Michael Hamlin
Mary Jo Moore
Linda Fewell


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