Thanks in part to you, first-ever girls’ washroom opens at Mamiloki Primary School in Kenya

The first-ever girls’ washroom/bathroom at Mamiloki Primary School in Kenya was dedicated and officially opened March 10. It was funded in large part by generous donations from Immanuel members to the Kenyan Children’s Fund.

“For many years, the school had a washroom for boys, but not for girls. That put girls at a disadvantage and, in some cases, kept them from going to school or staying in school for the entire day,” says Jimmi Kimuyu, an Immanuel member and one of the founders of the Kenyan Children’s Fund (KCF). “With the new washroom, which will serve female students for generations to come, that inequity now is a thing of the past.”

Jimmi, who currently is in Mamiloki, supervised construction of the girls’ washroom and was there to celebrate its opening with the students and community.

Since 2012, Immanuel donors have been leading contributors to the Kenyan Children’s Fund. It provides poverty-stricken children and their guardians in the Mamiloki/Masii area of Kenya with monthly food supplements, crop seeds to enable people to grow their own food, assistance with school tuition and uniforms, goats to provide milk and much-needed income for needy families, a home-repair and construction program through which local people repair crumbling abodes or build their first and only shelters, pallets to keep people from sleeping on dirt floors, vaccinations and other health-care services that are crucial in an area ravaged by HIV/AIDS, and a Kenyan social worker who ensures that contributions meet urgent needs and who reports regularly to the KCF committee at Immanuel.

During 2017, donations to the KCF Water for Life program paid for construction of the region’s first well, which now provides drinkable water to the parched region.

“Like the Water for Life program, constructing the girls’ washroom was a special project that was possible only because of your generosity,” Jimmi says. “The community and the students of Mamiloki Primary School send their gratitude and pray that Almighty God will richly bless you.”

A March 10 dedication and ribbon-cutting marked the official opening of the girls’ washroom at Mamiloki Primary School.
A sign outside the girls’ washroom expresses gratitude to Immanuel and the Kenyan Children’s Fund.


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